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About Us

Wellzio's mission is to enable patients and doctors to connect effectively, allowing doctors to provide care not just during appointments but before and after as well. It empowers patients to fully participate in their care, and stay in compliance with their treatment plan.

Wellzio offers a world-class health management system, providing users with a Collaborative Health Management solution, connecting patients and health care providers. Wellzio facilitates patients to seamlessly connect with healthcare providers, including physicians, specialists, dietitians, pharmacies, and labs.

Wellzio's service is easy to use, yet powerful. It is ubiquitous, and available on multiple platforms and devices.

Wellzio's leadership team includes clinicians, engineers, and work-flow-process experts - people deeply experienced in health care and technology.

Wellzio is established in Seattle, USA, and its Indian subsidiary is based out of Bangalore, India.